[Relai Info] Paiement du reliquat scolarité 2014-2015 : extension des délais au jeudi 17 septembre

Suite à nos demandes de prolongation du délai de paiement de la régularisation de la scolarité 2014/2015 conformément à l’accord du 2 septembre, l’administration a informé ce dimanche 13 par mail les parents que:

« Une prolongation exceptionnelle du délai de paiement des frais de scolarité 2014-15 est mise en œuvre jusqu’au jeudi  17 septembre 15H00 pour les parents dont la situation financière n’est pas encore régularisée.

Il n’ y aura pas d’autre prolongation.

Nous effectuerons vendredi 18 septembre  un relevé des familles qui ne seront pas en règle .

A compter du lundi 21 septembre les élèves, dont les frais de scolarité de l’année 2014-15 ne seront  pas payés, ne seront  pas admis en cours. »

Paiement à la caisse du Glfl. Le règlement par carte est maintenant possible.

3 réflexions au sujet de « [Relai Info] Paiement du reliquat scolarité 2014-2015 : extension des délais au jeudi 17 septembre »

  1. Jihad haddad

    Dear CDP members.

    Following our deep deception in your performance i would like to remind you that if we did not pay the remainder of the scolar ship fees relevant to our children,it was ONLY to back you up in your conflict .so please if you decided to leave us behind and loose indignantely …PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE CREDITS PRETENDING THAT IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT THE PAYMENT PERIOD WAS PROLONGED. ….ANYONE COULD HAVE CONTACTED THE WINNING ADMINISTRATION AND ASKED AND THEY WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED…..
    do not take credits on our behalf anymore…please.

    Jihad Haddad.


  2. Schtroumpf Tambour

    Dear Mr. Haddad,

    I do not represent the CDP nor do I know anyone in the CDP nor have I talked with anyone in the CDP, so please accept my reply as being my own.

    It is not about the CDP winning or losing this battle, although you are probably right, they did not achieve great success in this confrontation. However, the CDP asserted itself for the first time in a long time, was able to get at least something in this battle, and more importantly, from this point forward, the Administration will not be able to maneuver the way they used to: taking the parents for granted, thinking that parents and the CDP would accept any unjustified raises, etc. The administration will feel much more liable and subject to scrutiny.

    As far as I remember, in the preceding years the CDP was not very successful and its follow-up was almost inexistent. Whereas this current CDP followed up on an important issue very well, obtained legal help, and despite some hiccups, they updated us and stayed abreast of this situation, spanning several months. We are moving in the right direction and we cannot expect to go from bad to great in one iteration. As long as the ball keeps on rolling, I believe the current CDP is on the right track.

    I simply look forward to seeing the CDP keeping up the pace and fighting for other issues as well. Matters that I find bizarre and I wished were addressed:
    1. The ridiculous project of growing the school bigger within the same land size, forcing the reduction of playground space, the construction of more concrete buildings, and the cutting of many trees, perhaps the few remaining in this green-less campus! I would be curious to see how we compare to the average Lycée in France!
    2. For a tuition of about $500 per month per child (and that is over 12 months and not 9 months!), each class generates $15K per month (with about 30 students per class). I doubt that the cost to run a single class, including all maintenance costs, rent, salaries, etc., gets up to that amount, and so either class sizes should be reduced, or if that is not possible, decrease tuition. I already feel ashamed to pay $500 per month per child in a country where half of the families are living (fully!) on $500 per month; but if we do pay that much, the services should be commensurate.
    3. Very simple rule to follow: for every missed class day, there should be a make-up day, period. Why is this so difficult to achieve? Irrespective of the reason: French strike, Lebanese strike, Bus strike, political strike, sandstorm or garbage attack, etc., a day of classes missed must be replaced by another day. Although I am not so much for this, but at least it will force those who want to take off “tadamounan with XYZ” to think twice, and perhaps end up not taking the day off!
    4. Again, for $500 per month per child, why is it so difficult to have clean bathrooms? What does it take to solve this great problem? I asked over a dozen students at GLFL about bathrooms in the last few years, and I wished I photographed their face expressions when they described the bathrooms… Please find a solution to this!
    5. Reserve four or five parking spots for parents right next to the administration area (cashier / Connex / secretary area) so that they can lawfully and easily park when they stop by (for a short duration) during the day. That is the minimum that should be provided to the parents in terms of campus access!
    6. It turns out that the new underground bus garages are not being as well ventilated as was advertised. Perhaps some monitoring should take place to force proper operation. This is a serious issue and its consequences show up at a much later time in life…
    7. « Activités Pédagogiques »… Although perhaps not a fundamental problem, this issue highlights for me, the lack of proper planning that is at the root of many of the problems at GLFL:
    a. They are unjustifiably expensive.
    b. The bus cost to move students from Lycée to whatever site is exorbitant!
    c. Lately, when an activity is announced, the Administration sometimes does not indicate the “contribution” price…
    d. At the end of the year, we never get a summary of activities, their cost, and remaining amounts…
    e. And for Godsakes, taking our kids to the circus is NOT a pedagogical activity in my book! In a city where there are so few activities and public spaces for children and families, it would be great if you leave such an activity for parents to take their children to and have something to do as a family. PLUS, it turns out that the Administration took the same children, a couple of years in a row, to the same circus! (even my kids told me they were bored the second time around!!!)

    These are some of the issues that I believe are worthwhile to be addressed. I am sure many others exist as well. Many of these issues can have very simple solutions and should be addressed and solved immediately, and some of the other issues will require more time and work.

    In conclusion, I believe the only way to get things going is to have the CDP really play its role in the governance system of GLFL and keep on pushing. It seems that the current CDP started doing this, I thank them very much for doing so, and I just hope they will continue pushing!


    A parent who cares.


    1. leelouz

      Dear « parent who cares »,
      I want to thank you for voicing in writing my thoughts and apreciation towards the efforts placed the last 5 months to fight for our rights and demands. Second I would like to stress that all the points you mentioned are important to tackle and hopefully they will be in the near future. I also would like to add that giving feedback to the CDP is crucial and gives them tools and back ups needed to support our causes. Please encourage others to do so.
      Lets hope for a positive and constructive year for all of us.
      Another parent who cares , leila jisr moussa



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